Keywin Trdg Ltd


本公司建立於1979 年,專營不同種類的紡織產品:由生棉、100%全棉、分梭
織和針織的PC Melange yarn with Lycra的胚布,以至成衣製成品及成衣配件。

Established since 1979 dealing in a wide range of products in textiles from raw cotton, 100% & polyester cotton yarn, Melange yarn in cotton & PC, cotton yarn with Lycra & stretch grey fabric for both woven & knits, to finished garment & garment accessories. We also deal in finished leather skins for shoes, handbags & garments and work as handling agent for garment buyers

Address:19/F, Jade Center, 98 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Tel:(852) 2541 4366

Fax:(852) 2854 0484

Telex: 75321 ans hx